Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion that advocates quality over quantity, both in product and production.

This means investing in a wardrobe of classic, long-lasting and sustainably produced clothes with minimal environmental impact. Fewer and finer garments - finer does not mean a more expensive price tag, but in the sense that you as the wearer feel more for the garment. Slow Fashion and sustainable fashion is a counter-reaction to all the unhealthy things that today's fast fashion stands for.

Our supplier Movesgood produces two collections per year and presents its favorite basic garments, adapted to the season and current trends. Movesgood maintains close communication with its customers and works to incorporate their feedback into its design. They believe in creating seasonal fashion made from natural materials with a modern design that can be used year after year.

We all have a responsibility to create a better world where sustainable fashion and Slow Fashion are natural. Maybe not so easy to change an entire fashion industry all by yourself, but what we always have control over is our own wardrobe. So then it goes without saying that we have to start there.

Become an environmental hero too. Together we have the power to change!

June 19, 2022 — Susann Ottesen
Helt rent - helt naturligt

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