Allergies, frizzy hair and dry skin. Not your favorites, right? Belive it or not, your choice of pillowcase could be the underlying contributor to all these conditions.
So, if you have been sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, it's time to upgrade.

Is it true that my Pillowcase can improve my Skin and Hair?

Absolutely! If you sleep on pillowcases made from cotton or cotton/polyester blends, these linens are inexpensive and have a rough surface that creates friction on your hair and skin at night. Which gives you frizzy hair and wrinkles in the morning.

Another thing with cotton is that it is very absorbent and pulls the moisture from your skin and hair while you sleep. Have you ever woke up with dry, brittle hair and parched skin? - then you know exactly what we're talking about.

On the other hand, Bamboo are made from much smoother materials. Your hair and skin glide over them, which reduces tension and pulling during the night. Less friction means less inflammation, which is good news for anyone with sensitive skin. It does not absorb your natural moisture either, helping your hair and skin retain their natural levels of moisture.

If you have Wavy, Curly, Damaged, or Textured Hair, you know the struggle against frizz is real! Swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a pillowcase made out of Bamboo could make a huge difference in the way your hair looks. Not just in the morning, but throughout the day. And over time, using a smoother pillowcase can actually improve the long-term health of your hair!

So by switching to a Bamboo pillowcase you will make a big difference to your overall appearance.

Pink Bamboo Pillowcase and duvet cover from Movesgood

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Our exclusive Bamboo pillowcases from Movesgood feature countless benefits from providing a cool, light-blocking sleep environment, to helping promote healthy hair growth and hydration, to the reduction of the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts.

Bamboo's natural breath-ability and unique moisture wicking properties also make it an especially good material for maintaining body temperature, keeping you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Remember to bring your Bamboo Pillowcase with you on trips, to maintain your beauty sleep and avoid bed-head.

What is the features?
  1. Prevents sleep wrinkles and "print marks" that develop into wrinkles
  2. Bamboo helps keep bacteria off your skin at night, and work particularly well for those with sensitive skin to soothe it while you sleep.
  3. Bamboo pillowcases prevent hair loss and gives a softer and more shiny hair without tangles and frizz.
  4. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which is good news for acne sufferers. Plus, those qualities keep the pillowcases from acquiring odor over time.
  5. Bamboo does not attract moisture, which maintain your balanced sebum production and the hair becomes less fatty
  6. Bamboo is temperature regulating
  7. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, which means that they're unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Bamboo prevent the growth of dust mites from forming on your pillows. Dust mites are a very common allergy, so that's why bamboo is a great choice for allergy suffers.
  8. Can be machine washed at 60 degrees.
  9. Please wash with our special detergent På Stell for Bamboo/Silk/Cashmere/ Wool for longer shelf life.

På Stell - Wool wash, Lemon wash and lemon soap wash your clothes and textiles in a 100% organic way

February 06, 2023 — Susann Ottesen