One of the most important things a baby needs to develop properly is sleep.

As a parent, you do everything to keep them calm, healthy and comfortable. During sleep, the baby needs to feel safe and comfortable so that it can effectively regenerate the strength it needs to explore the world every day.

So what will help your baby get a perfect rest?
You will certainly need appropriate bedding for your child. If you are facing summer or winter time for a newborn or looking for a practical gift idea?
Check out our bamboo blankets, pillows and sheets, which are a hit all year round!

Let's take a closer look at the amazing bamboo! Why should it be among your child's essential accessories?

The versatile bamboo and its properties
Bamboo is a plant used in many industries: cosmetics, food, furniture and clothing. No wonder, because it is versatile and has many interesting properties. It has not escaped the attention of the children's industry either, it is becoming more and more popular and the group of admirers of this plant is constantly growing. Therefore, in many children's stores you will find bamboo blankets for babies, bamboo clothes, bamboo baby nests, bamboo badcapes, etc.

The main advantages of bamboo fabric are as follows:

  • Silky and wonderfully smooth, even after many washes,
  • Airy, breathable and at the same time warm in the cold season, and at the same time cools if the child gets hot = temperature regulating
  • Antibacterial and mites do not thrive in bamboo = hypoallergenic, which means that bamboo is most likely not to cause allergic reactions. But the opposite is good for children with hypersensitivity and allergies.
  • Very hygienic and wicks away moisture from the body,
  • They are perfect for summer - comfortable, cool and breathable.

The biggest advantage of our bamboo duvets and pillows (apart from not having duvet covers and pillowcases) is that they are made from completely natural, ecological material. The child is not exposed to harmful substances, and you can be safe when you put the child to bed. So if you are a fan of natural materials in your child's room, you can safely choose bamboo that creates a friendly atmosphere for your child and promotes a safe and sound sleep.

Who is bamboo bedding the best for?
- Babies and older children, as well as adults - yes absolutely everyone!

- Anyone who appreciates high sleep comfort,

- Allergy and asthma sufferers

- People with sensitive skin, prone to irritation. The sensitivity occurs when the skin's protective barrier deteriorates so that the skin becomes susceptible to external irritants, for example bacteria, chemical substances, allergens and others.

- Children (all) with atopic eczema

There are many benefits of bamboo for children, so when you choose to buy bamboo products for babies, you can be sure that:

  • You minimize the risk of overheating the newborn,
  • You provide adequate heat regulation (bamboo provides warmth in winter and cools when it's hot),
  • You take care of the healthy external environment of your little organism,
  • You care about the nature around you.

Which other bamboo accessories can you choose for your child?
Conscious parents choose, for example:

  • Bamboo clothes,
  • Bamboo car protection travel bag,
  • Bamboo blanket, pillow and sheets,
  • Bamboo baby nest,
  • Bamboo blankets (muslin, swaddle, knit, jersey)
  • Bamboo bath cape or bath poncho

The above accessories allow you and the baby to feel safe and comfortable, and you are aware that you did everything to ensure the healthy development of your little one.

    Ovanstående tillbehör gör att du och barnet kan känna er trygga och bekväma, och du är medveten om att du gjorde allt för att säkerställa en sund utveckling hos ditt lilla barn.

    Susann Ottesen