Wool is 100% renewable and natural and is therefore one of our most sustainable material resources.

Merino wool fibers are extremely fine, which means the fibers can be bent much more than traditional, coarser wool fibers . This makes merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle on the skin and not itchy!

Natural elasticity helps merino wool garments stretch with you but still return to their original shape.

Merino wool can absorb moisture, up to 30% of its own weight, and move it away to evaporate into the air. The garments therefore feel dry and nice even if you get wet or damp.

Merino wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature and helps you stay warm when it's cold and cool when the weather is hot. Therefore, wool is perfect for babies who do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature and for all active children.

Our merino wool garments are perfect as layer 2 on the body and keep children warm and dry all day.

Wool Washing Tips
Wool is an extremely delicate material that tends to shrink, but that doesn't mean you can't wash wool garments from time to time. Because wool has antibacterial properties, it is not necessary to wash wool garments often. Stains can be easily removed with water.

  • Wash wool on wool program with low spin.
  • Wash only 3-4 garments at a time and only wool together!
  • Use detergent intended for wool. Common detergents with enzymes can damage the fibers in wool and cause the fibers to dissolve, leaving holes in the garments.
  • Wash the garment inside out.
  • Let the garment dry flat, e.g. on top of a drying rack.
  • Avoid soaking wool and do not wash it in a full machine with other garments.
    June 19, 2022 — Susann Ottesen
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