All members of the family can enjoy the healing, calming and relaxing properties of aromatherapy.

Aroma is the same as fragrance. Therapy is another word for treatment. Aromatherapy is thus exactly what the word means. Aromatic oils are the same as essential oils. Ethereal means volatile, that is, the oil gives off its scent easily.

Potency is the common characteristic of aromatic oils, so don't take too much. Essential oils are highly concentrated and effective in small amounts. For example. to produce half a kilo of rose oil, a hundred kilos of rose petals are needed. Ten kilos of leaves from eucalyptus trees are needed for the same amount of eucalyptus oil. Combine them sparingly, and use them drop by drop. Aromatic oils are affected by light. That is why they are bottled in dark bottles. Keep them cool.

Making essential oils is a craft that requires skill. The plants must be grown correctly, picked or harvested at the right time, they must be distilled with the correct heat at the right time and then cooled. Large amounts of plant material and knowledge are required, which means that they must be used consciously and with respect.

In the plant, the essential oil is encapsulated in small aromatic gaseous "bubbles" that can be captured via, for example, water distillation, when they are separated from the water vapor and become an essential oil.

The essential oil consists of several chemical components, each plant has its unique composition and specific scent code. In one drop of oil there can be over a hundred different components. Some common ones are:

Terpenes; which are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic and have a soothing effect on the skin.

Alcohols; have skin-promoting properties, are bactericidal, support tissue and have a firming effect.

Esters; are soothing and calming, skin care and anti-inflammatory.

You can gradually build up your whole family's aromatic medicine cabinet by choosing a variety of oils that can treat a variety of health problems at all stages of life.

Tea tree, lavender and chamomile in particular are key oils because they are very versatile and gentle. Each individual family member will likely have their own favorites when it comes to essential oils, but you can also take that into account when choosing oils for your shared medicine cabinet.

Each phase of life brings different challenges when it comes to health, but aromatherapy can help us manage them better so we can live healthier and happier lives.

Many oils are suitable for all age groups, but you should adjust the concentration of the oils according to who you are treating.

  Pregnant women Children 3 months -1 year 1-4 years 5-6 years 7-12 years 13-65 years over 65 years
Scent lamp
8 drops drops* drops 8 drops 8 drops drops drops
In the bathtub 2 drops drop drops 3 drops drops 10 drops drops
(30ml base oil)
drops 1 drop drops 5 drops drops 10 drops drops
Lotion & creams 5 drops 3 drops drops 8 drops 12 drops 25 drops 10 drops
Shampoo & shower gel 8 drops drops 3 drops 10 drops 15 drops 25 drops 15 drops
Compress (500ml water) 5 drops 3 drops 3 drops 5 drops drops drops drops

* If there is a different recommendation for the number of drops of essential oil on your aroma diffuser/essential oil blend for the youngest children, follow it

Adjust the oil mixture according to the age of the child, and make sure that undiluted oils do not come into contact with the child's skin. Always use a base oil such as grape oil, or peach oil (fruit-based oils rarely cause allergic reactions). To get children used to essential oils, you can e.g. add a few drops to the baby's bath water. Take your precautions when introducing aromatherapy to children.

Regard your essential oils as a gift from a dear friend, one to be gentle with and cherish.

Susann Ottesen

Essential oils suitable for different ages

Eteriska oljor som passar bra till barn är kamomill, lavendel, fänkål, tea tree, eukalytus, rosmarin

Essential Oils for small children

To calm young children:
Chamomile, lavender

For colic:
Chamomile, fennel

For diaper rash:

When children fall and hit themselves:
Lavender, Tea tree

Eteriska oljor som är sensuella och bjuder på lite romantik

Essential Oils for teenagers

For skin problems:
Chamomile, lemon, myrrh, neroli, patchouli, rosemary, tea tree.

Against emotional imbalance:
Marjoram, myrrh, sandalwood

Against exam nerves:
Grapefruit, lavender, lemon

Eteriska oljor för vuxna; bergamott, ros, muskot-salvia, salvia, jasmin mm.

Essential Oils for adults

For heart problems:
Bergamot, geranium, hyssop

In menopause:
Rose, nutmeg-sage, sage, jasmine

Against work stress:
Bergamot, cedar wood, patchouli

Oljor till äldre: För svullna fötter och vrister:Grapefrukt, cypress, fänkålMot åderbråck:Cypress, geranium, isopVid dåligt minne:Basilika, ingefära, kardemumma, svartpepparMot gikt:Svartpeppar, kamomill, cypress, eukalyptus, fänkål, ingefära, enbär

Essential Oils for the elderly

For swollen feet and ankles:
Grapefruit, cypress, fennel

Against varicose veins:
Cypress, geranium, hyssop

For poor memory:
Basil, ginger, cardamom, black pepper

For gout:
Black pepper, chamomile, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, ginger, juniper