Sleep is important for humans in all ages, but when we are little our body and mind are rapidly growing and developing. Therefore it’s essential for the child to have a good night sleep. As a mother it’s comforting to know that this organic essential oil blend is made specifically with babies in mind, to soothe and give restful sleep.

Baby Sleep Blend essential oil
Susann Ottesen

Essential oils in the Baby Sleep Synergy

In this blend you'll find the following essential oils:

Petitgrain (citrus aurantium)

Belongs in the plant family: Rutaceae
It’s a thorny evergreen tree ranging in height from 3 to 9 meters. It has evergreen leaves and waxy white flowers, and small orange fruits.

In the steam distillation the leaves, twigs and the small unripe fruits are used. The main countries producing the essential oil are: France, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Brazil and Paraguay.

The essential oil is a colorless to paleyellow with a green, citrus, floral and woody aroma.

The petitgrain essential oil has a calming and relaxing effect and is good for digestion.

Lavender (lavandula officinalis)

Plant family: Lamiaceae/Labiatae

To find the finest lavender you will have to go to the sunny slopes of the southern Alps and up to the mountain tops. There it thrives in clean air, space, light and warmth. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming effect of the nervous system. It has antiseptic properties and is beneficial for the respiratory system as well.

The flowering tops are used in steam and CO2 distillation. Which gives a colorless to yellow tinged oil with a fresh, clean, classic and floral aroma.

Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)

Plant family: Asteraceae (compositae)

This small beautiful plant is characterized by small white daisy-like flowers with feathery leaves. It has been used in medicine for over 2000 years. Chamomile likes light and grows on roadsides and in open fields in light sandy soils.

The essential oil is primarily produced in France, Morocco, Spain and Egypt. Roman 

Chamomile is one of the first essential oils together with Lavender to be used with babies. The benefit of this excellent oil is calming, soothing and is also helpful for colic.

Bowl of steaming water as a diffuser

The Baby Sleep Synergy can be used in a diffuser or in a bowl with steaming water.

Add 1 drop of essential oil to 2 teaspoons (10ml) of water and mix well.
2. From this mix take ½ teaspoon (2,5ml) and drop it into the bowl of steaming water.
Place the bowl on the floor in a corner of the room, away from the baby’s head.
PS! Keep other children and pets away from the bowl, to avoid any accidents.

Freshen up the room during the day

During the day when the baby is not in the room, you can use the Baby Sanitizer Synergy to freshen the air and for their antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant and antiviral properties. Remember to open the window as well to let fresh air inside.