The success of a party depends on the atmosphere and good interaction between people, more than great food or drinks. If you could buy those secret ingredients in a bottle, you probably would!?
But that secret ingredient is already bottled - it's called essential oils!

The mood-inducing effects of essential oils are one of their outstanding properties, and the art of using them at parties is to match appropriate combinations of essential oils to the type of party you’re having, and the people you’re inviting.

Here are some examples of blends that you can use in your Aroma Diffuser if for instance planning an exciting Saturday night dance party, a relaxed conversational dinner, or a romantic party for two.

Clary sage: Euphoric, rather masculine, relaxes and encourages conversation.

Geranium: Relaxes, always creates a good and happy mood.

Grapefruit: Uplifting and stimulating.

Lemongrass: Relaxing and positive.

Lemon: Maintain the fresh appeal of cleanliness and encourages appetite.

Palmarosa: Creates an easy-going atmosphere.

Rose: Romantic, special, extravagant.

Vanilla: Relaxing, comforting and familiar.

Sandalwood: Relaxes and encourages conversations.

Ylang-ylang: Heady and exotic.

Blending together:
1 drop of clary sage
2 drops of geranium
1 drop of sandalwood
This would provide a good basis for a warm, relaxed and happy evening with free flowing conversation. Add in 2 drops of grapefruit or lemon to refresh and stimulate.

The aroma will act as an olfactory reminder to guests that it’s party time!
Susann Ottesen