Fantastic scent and lighting in a timeless design - with an Aroma Diffuser you create pleasant indoor air via mist.

Raise your energy or feel yourself relax with the power of essential oils.

An aroma diffuser, or oil diffuser/scent spreader as they are also called, is a machine that mixes ordinary water with essential oils and then fills your home with a fragrant steam. It can basically be left on 24/7 and can be used in any room, from the bathroom, bedroom, children's room, office, kitchen or living room. Essential oils that you use in a diffuser have many different health benefits and you can change the oil in your diffuser as often as you like. There are also ready mixes that are ready to use to give a special effect.

What are the benefits of using an aroma diffuser?

An aroma diffuser has many different advantages and if we compare it to scented candles and straw diffusers:

- So they contain chemicals, are not environmentally friendly, not safe at night, not safe for children and animals, not cost-effective, do not provide better humidity, do not provide better sleep and have no impact on your health.


The most obvious thing is that an aroma diffuser gives your home a healthy pleasant scent that does a lot for home comfort. People who are sensitive to perfumes and strong scents find that they can use essential oils in a diffuser without problems. 

An additional benefit of a diffuser is that they raise the humidity in dry homes and then keep it at an even level. It is great for your skin, hair but also for your plants and furniture. Unlike scented candles, an aroma diffuser is very safe and can therefore be used in children's rooms and you can safely leave the house while it is on. 

I tusentals år har människor använt jordens växter, rötter och helande stenar till förbättring av hälsa och välbefinnande.  Se våra eteriska oljor och andra naturliga produkter från Moder Jord som du kan använda för att uppgradera ditt liv.

How do I choose the right oils for my aroma diffuser?

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can choose different oils such as lavender (a calming effect and for better sleep), bergamot (reduce stress and depression), citrus fruits (for extra energy), eucalyptus/peppermint (cleans the air and good for coughs, colds ) Rosemary (invigorating and strengthens focus and concentration). There are of course many more, see all single oils here .

You can also choose ready mixes for e.g. Better sleep: Sleep , more energy: Energy , Fighting stress, fatigue and anxiety, just being and relaxing (meditation): Zen , when you feel a cold or flu coming on: Breathe , or Anti-Odor if you have bad smell in the house due to tobacco, pets or other things.

Use the number of drops it says on the diffuser you are going to use, it is different how big the water tank is and how many drops are to be used.

By changing the oils in your aroma diffuser, you can easily adapt it to your needs and mood. Read our advice and tips on how you can use natural oils, herbs and more to take care of yourself and your family in a 100% natural way. Everything is found in nature and if you want to live more in harmony with body & soul, you can find useful tips here.

November 14, 2022 — Susann Ottesen