Helios BIO SPF 50+ Suncream

€ 23,90

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Helios protection SPF 50+ cream

- 100% natural, without chemical filters or preservatives,
- Prevents sun damage and provides optimal protection against uva and uvb rays.
- Its creamy texture with a light scent of solar flowers and coconut, protects and quenches thirst for sensitive skin.

- Enriched with buriti oil, highly dosed in carotenoids (antioxidant and protective),
- Helios protection cream facilitates even tanning, restores vitality and freshness to the skin while protecting it from premature aging.
- Formulated without chemical filters or preservatives
- Hypoallergenic /dermatologically tested

More information

Main natural active ingredients: Karanja, Buriti, Organic Coconut


If this oil or blend is safe to Diffuse, it will be checked for Dog, Cat, or both underneath::


- Quality: Organic, 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin, 37% of which are * from organic farming.
- Appearance: Opaque fluid cream
- Color: White
- Smell: Solar


- Certified Organic
- Dermatologically tested
- Hypoallergenic
- Composition 100% of natural origin
- Without chemical filter
- Preservative free
- Without colouring
- Not tested on animals
- 100% French manufacturing, developed and manufactured by Propos Nature in their factory in Provence

Precautions for use

- For the whole family.
- Avoid all contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.
- Avoid exposure to the sun during the hours of maximum sunshine, otherwise use clothing protection.
- Don't stay out in the sun too long, even if you're using sunscreen.
- Do not expose babies and young children to direct sunlight.
- Overexposure to the sun is a serious health threat.

Packaging & storage

- Store away from air and light
- Storage (PAO) : 12 months
- Packaging : recyclable and reusable 75 ml PETG bottle with paper label from sustainably managed forests (FSC) + aluminum cream pump