Most people think that if you spill paint on your clothes, sofa or carpet, it is ruined. That's not true - in most cases you can remove the paint stains with Lemon Soap.

We have tested different types of paint with different drying times. We found out that the drier the color, the longer the garment should be in the soapy water. If you remove the stain immediately after you spill, you will be able to remove it with lemon soap fairly quickly and without soaking - put in warm water and rub the stain with the Lemon Soap.

If the paint has become completely dry, you should follow the instructions below and soak for a while. Experiment with your stain, from 1 hour to overnight if the stain is old. Then the Lemon Soap will dissolve it and you can rub it off.

If the water becomes colored - remember to change the water! Otherwise, the color can get stuck in the garment and you end up with a much bigger job!