This is how you clean the kitchen
Lemon scrub and Lemon soap should have a permanent place in the kitchen. Both products have an antibacterial effect, the soap is dermatologically tested and both clean thoroughly. Rub the dish brush on the Lemon Soap and use the soap when you do the dishes. The dishes will be spotless and the hands will be soft. Wring out the cloth in the dishwater afterwards and wash the countertops. We recommend that you store the Lemon soap on the practical bamboo soap holder.
På Stell tvålhållare till citrontvålen
The lemon scrub is a must for cleaning refractory forms, ceramic hobs, the cooker hood, ovens, oven doors and the sink, among other things. Use Lemon scrub together with Universal sponge. It has a soft part made of cellulose and a slightly rougher part made of coconut shell.
På Stell universal svamp för effektiv rengöring i köket och på badrummet
Has it been a long time since you cleaned the inside of the oven? Then we recommend that you use the coconut part of the Universal Sponge, moisten it and rub Lemon Scrub into the entire oven. Leave this on for a few hours or overnight if needed to dissolve burnt fat. Then take another round of Lemon Scrub and Universal Sponge. Rub and wash away all the dirt, and you will get a sparkling clean oven.