Aroma Diffuser Himalaya

€ 29,90

Unlock a whole new sensory experience with the Aroma Diffuser Himalaya! This unique diffuser not only freshens up your space with your favorite aromas, but also shows off a mesmerizing flame effect that's sure to bring the chill vibes to any room. Just add water, throw in a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and you're ready to relax! No worries about overflow - it's got a tank capacity of 240ml, and a timer that goes up to 6 hours. Talk about a multi-sensorial fire show!

  • Tank capacity: 240 ml
  • Flame effect
  • USB (cable length 80cm) interface and remote control
  • For use with essential oils mixed with water
  • Timer 1-3-6 hours
  • Automatic shutdown when water runs out
  • Dimensions: 12,5cm x 18,5cm
  • Weight: 330g

Aroma Diffuser benefits

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