Aroma Diffuser Minilia USB, 20 m²

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By Innobiz

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Compact, easy to use and accessible: these are the three advantages you get with the Minilia diffuser.

Use it at home, in the office, in the car, caravan, camper, in the cabin, the boat and everywhere!

Affordable ultrasonic diffuser that you can take anywhere. It is extremely easy to use: plug into an outlet, computer or car and get started with one click.

It diffuses the essential oils of your choice by ultrasound through a single diffusion programme. It works for 8 hours straight and then stops automatically.

Its effective mist comes with pleasant soft colors.

Used in rooms up to 20 m²

  • Tank: 45 ml
  • Use 2-3 drops of essential oil
  • USB and 220-230V
  • Humidifier
  • Silent
  • UltraSonic - Cold Diffusion
  • 5 year factory warranty
  • Designed and made in France
    More information

    - Portable:  it is small and very compact, Minilia diffuser can be taken anywhere, from the living room to the car to the office.

     Maximum simplicity:  one click is all it takes to launch its single program.

    - Long spread:  up to 8 hours of operation with automatic stop at the end of the program.

    - Discreet and fine design:  its white, clean, ribbed design makes it a real decorative item.

    - Light:  its light ring offers a soft, colorful play of light.

    - Effective:  Minilia diffuser covers an area of ​​20 square meters.

    - Versatile:  equipped with an adapter and USB/220v plug to connect to a socket, computer or car.

    UltraSonic - Cold diffusion

    - 5 years warranty

    How it works

    - Connect the device with the USB cable

    - Press the button to activate the diffuser. The device glows alternately in red, blue and green and emits a continuous mist.

    - When you press 2 times, the light function is deactivated and the fog remains in continuous mode.

    - Press 3 times and it switches to burst diffusion with light function.

    - Press 4 times and the device will turn off.

    ATTENTION! Use only 100% natural essential oils. The use of
    oils containing chemical ingredients, synthetic
    fragrances or impurities may damage the device.


    Height: 110 mm
    Width: Ø65 mm
    Weight: 210 g
    Water tank: 45 ml


    Diffuser Minilia

    Easy and versatile for those who want a diffuser you can take with you everywhere! Minilia spreads the essential oils with ultrasound thanks to a unique diffusion program.

    This is a great diffuser to start with!

    100% organic

    for the whole family

    Which oils are suitable for different ages?

    What do you need today?

    Relaxing Essential Oils

    Oils that help with worry, anxiety and nervousness. Juniper, marjoram, rose should be avoided during pregnancy.

    - Geranium
    - Juniper
    - Marjoram
    - Rose
    - Sandalwood

    Essential Oils for Headaches

    Essential Oils that relieve headaches and migraines. Chamomile should be avoided during pregnancy.

    - Chamomile
    - Lavender
    - Marjoram
    - Neroli
    - Rosemary

    Invigorating Essential Oils

    You can use these oils when you want an invigorating effect. It gives you a good start of the day.

    - Bergamot
    - Pepper
    - Lemon
    - Peppermint
    - Rosemary