Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle - Relaxing Amethyst - Angel

€ 36,00

Elevate Your Hydration Experience with the Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle - Amethyst Angel

Experience a harmonious blend of style and spiritual energy with our Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle featuring a magnificent Amethyst Angel. This exquisite bottle combines the elegance of clear glass with the calming energy of Amethyst, creating a hydration companion that inspires peace, spiritual connection, and a sense of higher purpose.

A Thoughtful Gift

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one? The Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle with Amethyst Angel is a perfect choice. It embodies the ideals of spiritual connection, self-care, and the appreciation of the serenity and grace of natural crystals.

  • Gift box included
  • Food safe. Recommended to be used with water only
  • Neoprene cover to insulate and protect
  • 500ml

 H: 24.5cm, W: 6.5cm, D: 6.5cm,  Weight: 475g 

More information

Infused with Spiritual Serenity

Amethyst is known for its ability to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. By infusing your water with the essence of Amethyst Angel, you not only enhance the taste of your beverages but also fill them with spiritual serenity that promotes tranquility, mental clarity, and a sense of higher purpose.

Sustainable and Convenient

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this bottle is both eco-friendly and durable. The airtight stainless steel lid ensures a leak-proof seal, making it perfect for on-the-go hydration. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and embrace a more sustainable way to enjoy crystal-infused water.