Gemstone Double Face Roller, Amethyst

€ 22,00

Explore the power of gem therapy with this Gemstone Double Face Roller! Crafted with amethyst, a stone of protection, it helps balance your emotions while stimulating facial blood circulation and reducing facial swelling. 

The roller has two ends, the large one massages the largest areas of the face and the smaller one is useful for increasing microcirculation.

How to use:
Roll the roller up and down toward your cheeks or chin. The smaller end is for the area near the eyes. Use a gentle pressure and slow movements.

Roller size: height 15cm, width 6cm (top), 4cm (bottom), depth 2cm

More information

The Chi massage rollers has been known in China since the 7th century and has proven itself over time. The gemstone face rollers has remained almost unchanged up to this day. The roller or ball is simply rolled over the desired part of the face or body during the massage. A gentle pressure and movement of the gemstone roller ensures well-being.

The stones of the facial rollers are made from real gemstones, each supporting a theme. The theme of Amethyst is Peace. The holders are made of brass.