På Stell Lemon Scrub

€ 23,59

For shiny clean surfaces!
Natural cleaning of surfaces, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or in the boat. Polish silver, clean the bathtub or the ceramic kitchen stove - completely scratch-free and without harmful chemicals or additives. På Stell products are made of natural ingredients and are biodegradable - safe for earth and oceans!

How to use Lemon cleaning paste:

  1. Apply the Lemon Cleansing Scrub with a damp cloth or sponge
  2. Rub thoroughly
  3. Rinse or wipe with water

Take care of your things - take care of the environment.


- 5%-15% soap
- Plantbased Glycerine
- Lemon Oil (kbA)
- Coconut Oil (kbA)
- Alumina
- Citric Acid


- Cleans and polishes
- Do no contain palmeoil, chemicals or synthetic perfume
- Organic, vegan og biodegradable
- Gentle to your skin
- Made in the EU

Volume (ml, g)

150 g