Yosoy 100% Merino Wool Blanket

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Wonderfully soft and luxurious 100% natural merino wool blanket in Dusty Pink color from Yosoy. Merino wool is characterized by unique softness and fluffiness, as well as helping to maintain optimal body temperature and being allergy friendly.

Merino wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature and helps the child stay warm when it's cold and cool when the weather is hot. Therefore, wool is perfect for babies who do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. Perfect all year round. Their optimal size makes them suitable for a cot, pram, cradle or as a cozy blanket on the sofa.

Size & Age


Washing & Material

Made in Polen
100% Merino Wool

- Machine wash30 degree
- Do not tumble dry, hang it up
- Iron with low temperature
- Do not bleach
- Feel free to use our Organic detergent På Stell Lemon Wash


OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1

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Yosoy Bambufilt Clover finns i många vackra färger till din bebis

Bamboo - The material of the future

...because we are all becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

1. Perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

2. Super soft.

3. Protects against UV rays in the summer and on vacation.

4. Bacteria do not like bamboo at all and therefore do not thrive in the fabric.

5. Bamboo absorbs moisture better than cotton and is therefore perfect for hot summer days.

6. Bamboo has the amazing property that the fabric feels cooler if it is warm in the air, and provides more warmth if it is cold. Perfect to have close to the body in both summer and winter.

Bambu är ekologiskt hållbart

Bamboo - Organically sustainable

1. Bamboo is a grass and grows super fast, up to one meter per day.

2. Bamboo does not need to be replanted.

3. You get 10 times more harvest from bamboo than you get from cotton on 1 hectare of land.

4. Bamboo does not need to be irrigated to grow. Cotton requires large amounts of water.

5. Bamboo comes in more than 1000 species. When making fabric, you don't use the kind the panda eats.

6. No chemicals or pesticides are needed when growing bamboo.