En Aroma Diffuser, doftspridare eller elektrisk diffuser skapar tillsammans med essentiella oljor en härlig doft, och förbättrar samtidig luftfuktigheten i torra hem, och håller den på en jämn nivå. Det är bra för huden och håret, även för växter & möbler

Improve your health & happiness

Transform any room with the power of essential oils. High-quality diffusers allow you to customize your environment with your favorite essential oils. Choose oils based on what you need: relaxation, sleep, focus, invigoration, meditation, romance, antiseptic or just well-being. Give your home a refreshing scent while increasing the humidity in the home. 

Så här påvärkar eteriska dofter dig

Here's how essential oils affect you

Our ability to smell depends on small molecules in the air. When we inhale these molecules, they are recognized by receptors in the nose. The information is transported via the nerves to the brain, including the parts responsible for emotions, behavior and memory. The fragrance molecules dissolve in the blood and thus make the active properties work.

For example. if you have a headache or migraine, you can use one or more of these essential oils in a diffuser: chamomile, lavender, marjoram, neroli, rosemary.

Try and feel!

Scent your home with an Aroma Diffuser

In addition to lovely scents, the Aroma Diffusers help raise the humidity in dry homes.