Ventilia - Ventilation diffuser

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By Innobiz

Experience the power of cold diffusion with Ventilia. Our diffuser utilizes a forced air mode of diffusion, ensuring that the aromatic molecules maintain their purity without the need for heat.

The built-in fan propels a gentle breeze that carries the essential oils into the air, filling your space with delightful fragrances while illuminating in a spectrum of colors. With customizable color variations, you can set the ambiance according to your preferences.

Simple yet effective, Ventilia offers three power levels (silent, normal, air turbo) to suit your needs. It preserves the beneficial properties of your essential oils and filters the air input before releasing the fragrance into the room. Plus, it automatically shuts down after 30 minutes to prevent air saturation.

More than just a diffuser, Ventilia is a stylish decorative piece that caters to both beginners and experienced aromatherapy enthusiasts alike.

Operating on the principle of cold diffusion by ventilation, Ventilia ensures that every drop of essential oil is dispersed evenly throughout your space, retaining its therapeutic benefits without compromise.


  • Functions: 3 ventilation modes: silent, normal, air turbo
  • Lighting ambiance: multi-coloured
  • Diffusion time: 30min diffusion cycle
  • Power: 12V /300 mA
  • Other: Second diffusion capsule
More information

The box contains:
- A ball-shaped diffuser with diffusion capsule
- 2 diffusion capsules with 2 additional cellulose discs
- Decorative metal disc
- Air intake filter
- AC adapter
- User instructions

Diffuser Type
  • Cold ventilation
Area Coverage
  • 60 m²
Light Features
  • Multi-coloured light

Height: 13,5cm x 15cm x 15cm
Weight: 440g

How to clean

To look after your diffuser, monthly cleaning is ideal. Unplug the device. Use pharmaceutical alcohol or vinegar, heat it to between 40 and 50°C and place it in the water tank. Let the alcohol /vinegar steep for 10 minutes.

Remove the alcohol/vinegar and clean with a cotton swab moistened with this alcohol/vinegar. Do not bother too much with cleaning the membrane, which cleans itself as it vibrates. Rinse with lukewarm water, and wipe a little, without going to the bottom of the tank.

If your diffuser is covered in limescale, use vinegar. Heat the vinegar to 40-50°C and place in the reservoir. Do not switch on the appliance, but leave it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes; remove the liquid and perform a conventional cleaning operation.

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