Why do you get this rash?

Picture this: you're enjoying a sunny day at the beach, feeling the warm rays on your skin, when suddenly, you start to feel an unbearable itch. Ah, the joys of sun rash! But why does this rash appear?

Sun rash, also known as polymorphous light eruption (PMLE), is a skin condition that affects some people when they are exposed to sunlight. It's like your skin is having a bad reaction to the sun's love. How rude!

When UV rays penetrate your skin, they trigger an immune response, causing inflammation and, you guessed it, itchiness. It's like your skin is throwing a tantrum, demanding attention and relief.

How to effectively heal?

Now that you know why you're dealing with this itchy situation, let's talk about how to calm your skin down and restore its happiness. Enter Calendula oil and lavender essential oil, your new best friends.

Calendula oil, derived from marigold flowers, has been used for centuries to soothe irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and itchiness, giving your skin the TLC it deserves.

Lavender essential oil, with its calming aroma, not only relaxes your mind but also your skin. It has antiseptic and analgesic (pain relieving) properties, making it a perfect companion for your sun rash journey.

How to use Calendula oil and lavender essential oil?

Here's a simple DIY recipe to create your own soothing potion:



  1. Add the lavender drops in a 15ml dark bottle with a pipette. Fill up the bottle with the Calendula oil. Gently shake to blend.
  2. Gently apply the mixture to the affected areas of your skin.
  3. Massage it in using circular motions, imagining your skin saying, "Ahh, thank you!"
  4. Soak your washing cloth in cold water,  wring it for excess water, and apply over the area of concern.
  5. Repeat this process twice a day or as needed.

Remember, prevention is key! To avoid future sun rash episodes, make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and seek shade during peak sun hours. Your skin will thank you!

So, next time you find yourself scratching like a DJ at a party, reach for Calendula oil and lavender essential oil. They'll be your skin's superheroes, fighting off the itchiness and bringing back the smiles.