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Can you be passionate about plants and technology at the same time? This is the very DNA of Innobiz, and its founder: Pierre-Emmanuel Thuret.

In 2004, he created Innobiz with the desire to use the best technology to spread aromatherapy. His mission: to make aromatherapy both powerful and accessible.

Surrounded by a team of experts (scientists, designers, aromatherapists), he has since explored the infinite potential of essential oils and developed effective, beautiful and intuitive methods of diffusion.

Designed & manufactured in France

Innobiz was born in the south of France. It is near Montpellier that the brand produces its Aroma diffusers. This is also where they created their network of local organic essential oil producers to offer a full range of essential oils, hydrosols and fragrance sprays.

Today, Innobiz is the leader in Europe in Diffusers of essential oils. 

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Essential oil bottles standing in the water on small pebbles


Essential oils are both powerful and delicate. Our research and development team creates diffuser methods to maximize their benefits. From the simplest to the most high-tech, we master all diffusion techniques to effectively respond to your well-being needs.

Nature provides us with extraordinary resources. Our mission is to make them accessible to everyone, thanks to aromatherapy. We develop diffusers for essential oils that are both technical and efficient, but always simple and intuitive so that you can enjoy the best nature has to offer with just a few simple clicks.



Doing good is their mission at Innobiz. And they add beauty to this. Aromatherapy inspires them. It is fundamentally sensory. Their designers create each diffuser with the utmost care. Their signature: clean, elegant lines, intelligent shapes adapted to every type of use.


Innobiz works every day to reduce its environmental impact. They choose durable materials (wood, ceramics, porcelain, glass). They ensure maximum repairability for their diffusers. They guarantee the availability of spare parts in the long term.