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Ginevitex hormone supplement for help with menopause
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The Best Natural Supplement for Menopause

A handcrafted eco-natural hormone regulator, offers the most effective natural solution for managing menopause symptoms.

Menopause is the natural end of a woman's menstrual cycle. It is a gradual process that happens over several years. The average age of menopause is 50, but it can range from 45 to 55.

The ovaries are responsible for producing estrogen, the hormone that controls the menstrual cycle. As a woman gets older, her ovaries gradually produce less estrogen. This can lead to several changes, including:

  • Irregular periods: The menstrual cycle may become irregular or stop altogether.
  • Hot flashes: Hot flashes are sudden, intense feelings of heat that can occur in the face, neck, and chest. They are often accompanied by sweating, flushing, and a racing heart.
  • Night sweats: Night sweats are hot flashes that occur at night, often waking a woman up from sleep.
  • Vaginal dryness: Vaginal dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable and painful.
  • Mood swings: Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety are common during menopause.
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Awareness of Menopause

Conventional medical treatments often lead to the medicalization of menopause, reflecting a flawed approach to understanding women's health. This perspective treats a natural transition as a disease, perpetuating the control and submission of women's bodies.

Shifting Perspectives:

  • Medicalization: Menopause is frequently managed with pills to treat hot flashes, reinforcing the notion that it is a condition needing cure.
  • Flawed Approach: This method reflects a misunderstanding of menopause as a natural, rather than pathological, process.

Growing Awareness:

  • Self-Recognition: Women are increasingly aware of their bodies and the natural processes they undergo.
  • Holistic View: There is a growing recognition that menopause is not a disease but a natural phase of life.

Embracing Menopause:

  • Self-Care: Embracing menopause involves adopting self-care practices that honor this transition.
  • Holistic Approaches: Women are turning to holistic approaches to navigate menopause with grace and empowerment, recognizing it as a vital stage in life.
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Sexual Appetite and Menopause

Is it true that sexual appetite disappears with menopause?

Not at all! While menopause marks the end of the reproductive stage, it does not mean the end of sexual activity. Each woman experiences menopause differently, and it’s time to dispel the myths and falsehoods that limit our lives.

Embracing Our Journey:

- Individual Experiences: Every woman’s experience with menopause is unique, and sexual appetite can vary widely.
- Dispelling Myths: It’s important to eliminate misconceptions that menopause diminishes sexuality.

Importance of Connection:

- Shared Experiences: Forming connections with other women and sharing our experiences is crucial for our well-being.
- Supportive Environment: Listening to each other fosters learning, understanding, and personal growth.

Healing and Growth:

- Community Support: In the company of other women, we can heal and cultivate self-love.
- Compassion: This supportive network helps us develop compassion for ourselves and others, enhancing our overall well-being.

Ginevitex hormone supplement for help with menopause
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Ginevítex®: Natural Menopause Relief

Ginevítex® is a handcrafted, eco-natural hormone regulator designed to manage menopause symptoms effectively. The formula uses pure, sustainable ingredients, primarily Vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry), combined with an exclusive, lovingly crafted blend. The key ingredient is your own desire to heal.

Is Ginevítex® useful as a treatment for perimenopause?

Menopause is not a uniform or straightforward process. Like any transformation in our bodies, it unfolds gradually and encompasses distinct phases that each woman experiences differently. Some women encounter menopause with hot flashes and anxiety, others detect it through fatigue or vaginal dryness, while some barely show any signs at all.

You may find Ginevítex® among the herbal products for menopause, but it is indicated for any female vital process. It’s not just for you; it can support all the women around you.

Ginevítex® is the most effective natural solution for menopause symptoms due to the scientifically validated efficacy of Vitex agnus-castus as a hormonal regulator. This balance positively impacts our endocrine system, which is crucial for overall well-being, particularly women's health.

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Experience the Benefits of Ginevítex® and Vitex Agnus-Castus

By taking Ginevítex®, you can experience the remarkable benefits of Vitex agnus-castus in your system. Ginevítex® helps your ovaries produce the appropriate levels of progesterone, which in turn triggers the release of endorphins and dopamine in your brain. These naturally produced hormones promote a sense of well-being, alleviate emotional fluctuations, and regulate hormonal communication, effectively combating hot flashes.

Ginevítex® also contributes to improved genital health, enhanced sexual libido, increased energy levels, and reduced joint pain. It alleviates various menopause-related discomforts such as headaches, insomnia, irregular periods, water retention, and excessive bleeding.

Your intuition has led you to Ginevítex®, the remedy that will restore your well-being and empower you to embrace this new chapter in your life.

With Ginevítex®, you will enjoy:

  • Reduced hot flashes and emotional fluctuations
  • Enhanced sexual libido and genital health
  • Increased energy levels and reduced joint pain
  • Enhanced sleep and wellbeing.

Say goodbye to menopause discomforts and embrace a life of vitality and balance. Start your journey to wellness with Ginevítex® today.

Ginevítex® Ginevítex® Hormonal Balance, 30ml - Elliotti

Wondering About Ginevítex®?

Ginevítex® is made from Vitex agnus-castus, a Mediterranean plant recognized for its medicinal properties. Its benefits have been scientifically demonstrated, making it an excellent adaptogenic herb that gradually regulates hormones.

When you first start taking Ginevítex®, begin with the recommended daily dosage of 1 ml (40 drops). As your body adjusts, you may find that you can reduce the amount. Always listen to your body’s needs.

While Vitex can be taken as an infusion to alleviate menopause hot flashes, our exclusive formula, combining integral tincture and floral essence, enhances the plant's benefits, making Ginevítex® more effective than many natural menopause pills.

What is an adaptogenic herb?

An adaptogenic herb is a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and maintain balance. These herbs support the body's ability to handle physical, emotional, and environmental stressors, promoting overall well-being. They work by regulating the adrenal glands, which produce hormones that manage stress responses. By enhancing the body's resilience, adaptogenic herbs can help improve energy levels, mood, and immune function.

In the context of menopause, adaptogenic herbs like Vitex agnus-castus help regulate hormone levels, easing symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue. Their gradual, balancing effect makes them an effective and gentle option for supporting hormonal health.

Source: www.ginevitex.com

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What is the difference between Perimenopause, Menopause, Post-menopause?

How Ginevítex® Changed My Life

In my journey of menopause, I have searched for and tried many natural solutions including the topical use of essential oils and oral/topical use of hydrosols, and as they do help me a lot, I needed a supplement that could “work” long-term inside my body to balance my hormones. 

I had a lot of hot flashes, night sweats, and heart palpitations (could not sleep on my left side, because it felt like my heart was pondering into the mattress), hard to fall asleep, and always woke up in the middle of the night 2-3 am and laying in bed for 2-3 hours without sleep, exhausted during the day and feeling sad, angry, happy in a rollercoaster of emotions. 

I love to read and educate myself, but brain fog made me feel so frustrated. I had difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, feeling mentally sluggish or slow, and trouble finding the right words. Lack of sexual interest combined with dry vaginal walls and lack of feeling feminine didn’t make my self-esteem and self-worth any better.

I moved to Spain in June 2023, and when I found Ginevítex®, I was so excited about how many women wrote 5-star reviews on how Ginevítex® has helped them, so I decided to order it and try it for myself. I read every page on their website and therefore decided to stress less and meditate regularly, journaling and spending time with myself to find out what I want and what makes me smile and feel happy. Who am I and what are my core values that I will cherish and live by? 

After using it for three months, I started to feel more grounded in myself, my feelings were more stable, and I felt closer to myself knowing who I am and who I aspire to be. The heart palpitations stopped, and the hot flashes started to come further and further apart, I started to sleep until 4-5 am and be awake for only an hour. Now I have been using it for a little more than six months, and I feel great! I usually sleep all night, no more heart palpitations, no more hot flashes and night sweats, some nights I get warm but then I know it is because I had a glass of wine that evening. The vaginal dryness is better and using the organic hazelnut oil is a real game-changer!

Because of my amazing results with Ginevítex®, I wanted to make this wonderful product available to all women in the EU, and we agreed to cooperate.

Dear sister, it's time to reclaim the joy of being a woman. No more pain, no more frustration, just pure love and self-care. Let's embark on a journey of embracing our femininity with open hearts and radiant smiles.

I believe that every woman deserves to experience the fullness of her femininity without being hindered by discomfort or negativity. Let's break away from the societal norms that suppress our natural rhythms and embrace the beauty of our nature.

This journey starts with self-love and compassion. It's about understanding our bodies, honoring their needs, and treating ourselves with the tenderness we deserve. It's about cultivating a sense of empowerment and self-worth, knowing that our unique experiences do not define us but rather make us extraordinary.

Together, we can create a world where women feel understood, supported, and celebrated for their femininity, every single day. Let's embrace the joy, and radiate the love that lies within us.

Love Susann
Founder of elliotti.com

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