Hot Flashes during Menopause

Hot flashes are sudden and intense sensations of heat that may spread from the face, neck, and chest to the rest of the body. They can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Hot flashes are caused by a drop in estrogen levels, which can affect the body's ability to regulate temperature.

With Ginevítex® Hormonal Balance tincture made of Vitex agnus castus medicinal plant, you will balance your hormones and get rid of hot flashes.

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Follow these four guidelines to reduce or eliminate hot flashes.

Ginevítex® Ginevítex® Hormonal Balance, 30ml - Elliotti
1. Take 20 drops of GINEVÍTEX® in the morning and at night.
2. Do at least 30 minutes of intense exercise daily.
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3. Eat light meals and include liver-cleansing plants like Boldo, Milk Thistle, and Dandelion.
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4. Embrace hot flashes and allow them to occur.
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Hot Flash Spritzer Bundle - Elliotti

Hot Flash Spritzer

Use Rose Hydrosol and spray your face, neck and shoulders during a Hot Flash. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for a wonderful cooling effect.

Here is a bundle with what you need!