Edelstein-Balance® Oil, Feel-good set

€ 39,90

Gemstone oils in combination with the skin-care properties of jojoba oil and the energy of selected healing stones. 

Through a complex and time-consuming maceration process involving a lot of manual work, the healing properties of the gemstones are incorporated into nourishing, regenerating organic jojoba oil. 

A composition of pure, natural essential oils from the Farfalla fragrance factory rounds off the seven feel-good themes:

  • Joy of Life - Gemstones: Garnet, ruby ​​and rose quartz | Optimism, courage, passion
  • Protection & Security - Gemstones: Agate, Nephrite and Serpentine | Protection, centering, inner peace
  • Regeneration - Gemstones: Epidote, Ocean Chalcedony, Ruby Zoisite | Vitality, performance, immune system
  • Anti-Stress - Gemstones: Aventurine, magnesite and smoky quartz | Relaxation, self-confidence, concentration
  • Serenity - Gemstones: Blue Quartz, Dumortierite and Magnesite | inner peace, confidence, lightness
  • Get into Flow - Gemstones: Amber, blue chalcedony and sodalite | communication, understanding, flexibility
  • Fountain of Youth - Gemstones: Chrysoprase, green fluorite and peridot | Detox, freedom, self-determination

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Made in Switzerland.
99% Organic