We are Elliotti

We are a small family business and specialize in Organic and healthy products for the whole family. Aroma Diffusers - how and where to use them - as a stylish decor, at home, in the car, at work, on travels and more - all to get the most out of aromatherapy for you and your family (both two and four legged) in all stages of life. To use essential oils safely and effectively in your daily life as natural remedies, to fragrance the air, replace toxic personal care products and first aid remedies. As well as give you 100% organic cleaning products from Norwegian På Stell, that you can combine with the power of essential oils to clean and wash your clothes, things and home in a completely natural and sustainable way.

We will inspire you with DIY (do it yourself) kits for making your own skin & hair products, recipes for making your own blends for your diffusers, what to include in your first aid remedies at home and on travels and a lot more! We guarantee you that our products are as close to 100% organic as possible and that all the essential oils come from certified organic farming. So you can rest assured that the products you buy are top quality.

På Stell

På Stell is a Norwegian brand that manufactures 100% organic laundry and cleaning products from only natural ingredients such as lemon oil. See our big stain guide and washing guide

We are constantly expanding our product range to give you as a customer many exciting products to choose from. With us, you can be sure to find good quality products for you, your loved ones and the planet!