PH paper strips 1 to 14

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Certified Organic Product

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The pH paper also allows you to measure the acidity or basicity level of a preparation by dipping the paper in your cosmetic preparation. The pH of cosmetic products influences the health of skin and hair.

It is simple to use, reliable and allows the measurement of all types of recipes thanks to its wide measuring range.

More information

Find out the PH level in your urine by comparing it with the color scale on the box. Take into account the values ​​of the color scale which are closest to the coloring of the strip (precision + or - 0.2PH).

Usage: Collect morning urine in a container. Remove the test strip from the box. Immerse the strip for one second in urine (all staining fields must be submerged). Remove the strip from the container and drain the strip to remove excess urine. Compare the color of the fields with the color scale on the box.

To evaluate the results, consult a competent person.
Dispose of used test strips in the trash.
Do not touch the coloring fields!