Animalia KOA Diffuser, 60 m²

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By Innobiz

Perfect as a present!

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KOA, the cutest diffuser to adopt!

The perfect gift for families with children!

Designed in ceramic, an ecological material - sculpted and polished by hand. Essential oils are dispersed by ultrasound in a delicate light atmosphere from colored LEDs in rooms up to 60 m². Aroma diffuser + night lamp in one!

Recycled packaging. The band that closes it turns into a bracelet diffuser with ceramic beads.

Innobiz Koa Diffuser får du ett armband som du kan använda

By purchasing this Animalia diffuser, you support environmental associations that protect nature on the ground through a 1% program for the planet.

1% for the planet member

  • Covers rooms up to 60 m²
  • Water tank: 80 ml
  • Use 1-6 drops of essential oil. Use only oils recommended for children.
  • Humidifier
  • Multi-colored light
  • 5 year factory warranty
  • Designed and made in France

- Comfort: ultrasonic diffusion in rooms up to 60 m2

- Night lamp: with its colored LEDs, a cozy light follows when essential oils are diffused in the room.

- Eco-design: made from an ecological ceramic material

- Recycled packaging: the link that closes the packaging turns into a bracelet that can be used as an "on-the-go diffuser" thanks to its ceramic beads

- Commitment: For every pack in the Animalia series sold, associations that protect the environment on the ground are supported through a 1% program for the planet.

- Maximum durability: diffuser guaranteed for 5 years

How it works

Press 1 time: diffusion of fog + light with changing colors.

Press 2 times: diffusion of fog + solid light in the last color before pressing

Press 3 times: diffusion of fog without light

Press 4 times: the device turns off (neither fog nor light

Koa switches off automatically when the water runs out.

More information

- Used in rooms up to 60 m²
- Water tank: 80 ml
- Use 5-15 drops of essential oil.
- Use only oils recommended for children.
- Humidifier
- Multicolored
- 5 years warranty
- Designed and made in France


Animalia KOA Diffuser

My mission: to be your faithful companion. KOA, who watches over you, goes everywhere with you and only thinks of your well-being. Need to relax? I’ll breathe my essential oils to soothe you. Need to top up your energy? I'll diffuse my essential oils to revitalise you. I'll whisper nature's sweetest secrets in your ear to help you feel good, feel better. I’ll gently light up to create a soft, unique atmosphere. Where do my superpowers come from? I was created in the south of France, in the heart of nature, where the most powerful essential oils are born.

Essential Oils for small children

These are oils that are very suitable for babies and small children. Have e.g. 4-6 drops of lavender in the KOA diffuser in the children's room.

To calm young children:
Chamomile, lavender

For colic:
Chamomile, fennel

For diaper rash:

When children fall and hit themselves:
Lavender, Tea tree