Aroma Diffuser Elia, 50 m²

€ 74,90
By Innobiz

A beautiful and very effective bamboo diffuser

ELIA aroma diffuser stands out through its original design, made of bamboo and shaped metal. It gets a lot of attention as it diffuses essential oils in a soft mist, delicately illuminated by subtle lighting effects. Choose if you want a color or if it should automatically change in the colors of the rainbow.

All you have to do is tap the top to start it and choose from its various function options. It's also practical, it turns itself off when the tank is empty.

More information

- Covers rooms up to 50 m2.
- Duration: 4 hours
- Water tank: 100 ml
- Humidifier
- UltraSonic - Cold diffusion
- Use 5-15 drops of essential oil
- 5 years warranty
- Designed and made in France


Height: 6,5 cm
Width: Ø 15 cm
Water tank: 100 ml

Aroma Diffuser benefits

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