Aroma Diffuser Lealia, 50 m²

€ 64,20
By Innobiz

Lealia, 100% natural diffuser 

A diffuser that boosts both your well-being and the décor of the house. 

Its asset: its sleek design dressed in natural materials. This natural and elegant diffuser fits perfectly into any décor. Its cork base offers a very soft touch. But above all, it cold diffuses your essential oils by ultrasound. The guarantee to take full advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy.

With its ceramic bell and cork base, it offers a unique soft touch in the world of essential oil diffusion.

Ultrasonic, it diffuses essential oils cold in a fine mist to guarantee the integrity of their virtues while humidifying the air in the room for more comfort at home. Its colored ring lights up to accompany the diffusion.

More information

- Original: a sleek design, a duo of materials that are both natural and elegant, a delicate colored ring

- Sensory: on its base, the cork offers a unique soft touch

- Spectacular: the luminous LEDs of its colored ring change as it is broadcast

- Ultrasonic diffusion: ideal for diffusing essential oils in rooms of less than 50m2

- More comfort: the delicate mist of the Lealia diffuser humidifies the air in the room and brings you more comfort at home

- 5 years warranty

How it works

Easy to use: 2 diffusion modes to choose from, continuous (one press) or in 15-second intervals (two presses)

Aroma Diffuser benefits

Single Essential Oils to use in your Diffuser