DIY Diffuser Blend - De-Stress

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Tackle stress with ease by diffusing our DIY Diffuser Blend - De-Stress! This blend, featuring organic frankincense, lavender, and roman chamomile, will help you and your pet de-stress without putting your fur babies at risk - safe for use in homes with cats and dogs! 

2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Roman Chamomile

1. Fill the water tank on your diffuser to the recommended level.
2. Put the number of drops of the three essential oils in the water.
3. Turn on your diffuser and enjoy!

In the package - Save 15% with this package.
1 bottle Frankincense
1 bottle Lavender
1 bottle Roman Chamomile

Mental health
  • Anxiety & nervousness
  • Sleep disorders, Insomnia
  • Stress
Pet Safe

If this oil or blend is safe to Diffuse, it will be checked for Dog, Cat, or both underneath:

Precautions for use

If your pet is sensitive to an oil you are diffusing, stop diffusing and get your pet outside for some fresh air. Contact your veterinarian if you are concerned.

Be sure your aroma diffuser is in an area where your pet cannot knock it over. Always diffuse in an open area with the door open so your pet can leave the room if desired.

Please do not apply it to your pet’s skin or let them ingest it without speaking to a veterinarian trained in using essential oils with pets.


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