Essential oil blend - Energy 30ml

€ 14,82
By Innobiz

100% Organic - ECOCERT certified

Choose Energy, when you need to increase the energy level!

Boost the room with energizing citrus:

  • Fruity, fresh revitalizing scents
  • Naturally cleansing
  • Perfect to start the day 

The oil blend consists of organic essential oils from 3 plants: 
Sweet Orange: natural soothing and purifying
Green mandarin: relaxant with fresh and tangy notes
Grapefruit: natural and pleasantly lemony antiseptic

All our essential oils and oil blends are organic and made in France, and are certified by ECOCERT.  

  • Made in France
  • From 100% organic farming
  • ECOCERT- certified

Organic sweet orange, organic green mandarin, organic grapefruit, 100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Organic room fragrance controlled by Ecocert Greenlife - F32600 Contains naturally: β-pinene (CAS n ° 127-91-3), D-limonene (CAS n ° 5989-27-5), linalyl acetate (CAS n ° 115- 95-7), β-myrcene (CAS n ° 123-35-3)

More information

Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)
Green tangerine (Citrus reticulata)
Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macfad)

*All ingredients come from organic farming.

- Organic home fragrance certified by Ecocert Greenlife - F32600.

- Vegan, non-toxic, 100% natural, synthetic-free

- Not tested on animals




Minilia Diffuser

Take the Minilia diffuser with you in the car, at the office, in the caravan, in the boat - yes, anywhere! Diffuser + Humidifies and provides a cozy atmosphere with multi-colored light!


- Store out of reach of children and animals.
- Avoid contact with eyes/mucous membranes/inside ears.
- The oil should never be used internally.
- Dilute in base oil before use on the skin.
- Avoid sunlight and UV rays for 12 hours after application to the skin.
- Keep in mind that essential oils are flammable.