Eye Pillow Set, Security

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The "Security" eye pillow set consists of:

1. A pillow filled with genuine gemstones (serpentine, agate and nephrite), organic amaranth (an ancient cultivated plant from Central South America) and organic herbal eye comfort that naturally soothes the eyes.
2. A delicate, silky coating of certified organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin and the granules lay softly and smoothly over the eyes
3. An impulse stone of serpentine.

Each eye pillow contains at least 50-60g of certified GKS quality gemstones.

The theme of "Security" is represented by the gemstones serpentine, agate and nephrite and the orange color of the pillow; these stand for confidence and protection. They promote the balance between rest and activity; the restlessness of the stormy world is omitted.

The impulse stone of serpentine can also be used in everyday life as a thumb stone and support stone.

Motto: "I am in my center!"
Application tips: When your eyes are tired and lack energy.
Use it at home or carry it in your bag and use it for a short break during the day, during lying down meditation or in other contexts.

The crystal eye pillow set is part of Monika Grundmann's gemstone balance concept.

Washing & Material

Organic Cotton, Agate, Nephrite and Serpentine

Covers can be washed at 30 degrees
Please use organic detergent such as På Stell for longer durability.

Lemon Wash


GOTS-certification on textile

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