Nebuliser Diffuser Cleaner 30ml

€ 10,43
By Innobiz

Using this cleaner regularly ensures a long life for your nebuliser (Veralia) and ultra-nebuliser diffuser (Torelia, Bulia)

How to use: pour 50 drops of the cleaner into the glass of your nebulizer diffuser, shake it around inside the glass and pour it out into the bottle again. Leave the glass to dry before you start using the diffuser again.

To clean the Torelia or Bulia diffuser, just screw it onto the device and push the button for diffusing. 

It spreads a scent of fresh lavender.

You can use it between two different essential oils to prevent odors from mixing. This cleaner is also used when essential oil has dried on the bottom of your glass container that has been sitting there for too long without being used.

The cleaning liquid can be reused! Do not throw away after use; you can pour it back into the bottle for further use.


Composition of the diffuser cleaner

  • alcohol denat,
  • lavandula burnatii*,
  • coumarin**,
  • geraniol**,
  • limonene**,
  • linalool**.

* 100% pure and natural essential oil
** Components naturally present in essential oils.



30 ml


Diffuser Torelia

The practical diffuser Torelia needs to be cleaned with Diffuser Cleaner from time to time. Using this cleaner regularly guarantees a long life for your nebulizer diffuser, and you can enjoy the different essential oils without them mixing.