På Stell Baby Starter Kit

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Everything you need as a parent of small children to get organized.
Contains Lemon Soap that removes all stains from baby feces to blueberries, Lemon Foam for everything that cannot be machine washed and Lemon wash as a detergent for all garments, regardless of color and textile. Take care of your things, the children and the environment.

Gentle, simple and effective. Delivered in a stylish gift box - perfect for e.g. Baby Shower or new parents.

Size (g, ml)

Lemon Wash 500g,
Lemon Soap 230g,
Lemon Foam 115 ml

Content in Baby Starter Kit:

STAIN REMOVAL - The original Lemon soap that removes all the difficult baby stains! Rub the soap with water on all types of stains before washing the clothes in the machine. On the most difficult stains, let the soap work for anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight.

UNIVERSAL DETERGENT - Use the same detergent for all types of clothing - including wool. Dose a tablespoon directly into the washing machine's dosing chamber. You can also use it in a bucket of hot water, and wash all surfaces in the house!

QUICK - STAIN REMOVAL -Removes stains on anything you can't wash in the machine. If, for example, the baby has vomited on the sofa. Spray some foam where there is a stain, rinse or wipe with a wet cloth immediately. Repeat if the stain does not disappear immediately.

Stain removal with

På Stell Lemon Soap

100% Natural and Organic