Solubol Essential Oil Carrier, 15ml

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100% natural and alcohol-free solubilizer  allowing you to easily mix essential oils in water. An essential raw material for safely using your solubilized essential oils in:
-  aqueous cosmetic preparations  (water, lotion, gel, hydrosol, floral water), 
 aromatic baths 
-  natural room sprays ,
- beverage 
preparations, herbal teas, teas enhanced with essential oils .

1 bottle = twenty aromatic baths 

Add 15 drops of solubol in the palm of your hand, or in any type of receptacle, before adding 4-7 drops of your choice of essential oils. Add to bath water and swish your hand around in the water to disperse the oils.

More information

English name: Essentials oils carrier

Properties: Solubilization of essential oils in an aqueous medium (water, gel, lotion, hydrosol, floral water)

Usage tips

- Cosmetic
- Eating

Examples of use:
- Hydrosols concentrated in essential oils
- Aromatic gels
- Aromatic lotions
- Aromatic baths
- Aromatic drinks
- Natural room sprays
- Toilet water

Indicative dosages for 100 grams of preparation:

1 drop of essential oil and 4 drops of Solubol
Minimum dilution of 20 times.
Solubol allows the incorporation of 20 to 25% of an essential oil or a complex of essential oils in an aqueous phase (water, hydrosol, floral water).

Indicative dosage for 20 ml of preparation (water or herbal tea) :

1 drop of essential oil and 4 drops of Solubol
Stir well and consume immediately.

Precautions for use

- The product is protected from bacterial proliferation by its low quantity of water. It should therefore be consumed quickly after dilution.

- As the solubol/essential oil mixture is unstable, it is necessary to shake the product before use.

- Do not heat to a temperature above 150°C.

- Respect the recommended dosages.


Quality: Solubilizer 100% of natural (vegetable) origin

Appearance: Liquid, more or less viscous

Color: Straw yellow that darkens over time

Odor: Weak

Density: 1.00 to 1.25

Solubility: Soluble in water


100% natural product

Cosmetic and food quality

Not tested on animals

Raw materials compliant with respect for the environment

Without material from petrochemicals

Packaging & storage

Product subject to oxidation, store away from light and at room temperature. Avoid excessive temperature differences.

Hygroscopic product to be stored away from humidity.

Shelf life (DLUO): 2 years in its original packaging.

Packaging: 15 ml amber glass bottle with cap.