Organic Neutral Soap base 1 liter

€ 12,80
By Anaé

100% natural and Vegan soap base made from 100% vegetable and organic oils.

- Excellent universal and organic cleanser,
- It washes all parts of the body while respecting the natural balance of the skin. 
- You can also use it as a base of your detergent or house cleaning products.
- Formulated without surfactants, fragrances or preservatives, it is naturally rich in glycerin known for its moisturizing and protective properties for the skin.
- Its concentrated formula (20% soap) can be used as is or diluted and/or personalized according to your taste (essential oils, hydrosols, clay, coffee grounds, etc.)

In dilution:
1 part water (or hydrosol) for 2 parts soap

Usage tips

It can be concentrated or diluted, and personalized, for use as a soap for the body, and hands, but also as a liquid household soap (laundry, floors, etc.).


COSMOS ORGANIC product certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard available at:


1 liter