Hydrosol & Essential Oil Fan - Mistral

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By Innobiz

Beat the Heat, Breathe Easy: Introducing the Mistral Fan & Diffuser

The Mistral is your portable oasis of cool refreshment, anytime, anywhere. This innovative device combines a powerful fan with a built-in essential oil diffuser, offering instant relief from heat and a touch of customizable fragrance.

Stay Cool & Breathe Deep:

  • Refreshing Mist: Generate a cool mist for up to 1 hour with the 20 ml refillable tank.
  • Aromatherapy on the Go: Add up to 2 drops of your favorite essential oils or organic hydrosols for a personalized, fragrant experience.
  • Four Fan Speeds: Adjust the airflow to your needs, from a gentle breeze to a powerful cooling blast.

Versatile & Effortless:

  • Perfect for Any Activity: Whether you're conquering workouts, commuting, enjoying outdoor events, or simply need a cool down, the Mistral is your perfect companion.
  • Pet and Baby Friendly: The gentle mist provides a safe and effective way to cool down your furry friends or little ones.
  • Simple Operation: Control both the fan and mist with a single button for effortless use.

Long-lasting Power & Convenience:

  • Rechargeable Battery: Charges quickly in just 3 hours using the included USB/USB-C cable.
  • Up to 8 Hours of Operation: Enjoy cool air and refreshing scents for extended periods, depending on the chosen fan speed.

The Mistral is more than just a fan, it's your personal cooling and aromatherapy solution, wherever life takes you.

More information

- Pushed cold wind
- Port USB, Batterie rechargeable
- Battery: Lithium 3.7V 2200mAh.
- Accessories : USB cable + Instruction manual.
- Charging time: 3 hours.

How it works

1)Unscrew the reservoir (F) carefully so as not to lose the suction rod (E).

2)Add water into the reservoir (F) with or without essential oils or hydrosol without exceeding the fill limit. Never more than 2 drops of essential oils in the water.

3)Screw on the reservoir.

4)Charge the fan using the Micro USB/USB charging wire (I) supplied and a standard 5V-1A USB adapter or USB port.
The charging indicator LED (G) is red when the product is charging, and turns off when the product is fully charged.

5)Press the power on button (D) to start, select between 4 speed levels and switch off the fan. 6)Press the button with a drop (C) to start misting water with or without essential oils or hydrosol and to turn off the fan.

The Lithium battery is recharged in 3 hours when the diffuser is not in use. The operating time ranges from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the selected speed.

Diffuser Type
  • UltraSonic (with water)
Area Coverage
  • 12 m²
Water Capacity
  • 20 ml
Light Features
  • No light
Safety Feature
  • Yes, It will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty.

Dimentions: Ø68 mm. x h165 mm.
Weight: 160 g

How to clean

To look after your diffuser, monthly cleaning is ideal. Unplug the device. Use pharmaceutical alcohol or vinegar, heat it to between 40 and 50°C and place it in the water tank. Let the alcohol /vinegar steep for 10 minutes.

Remove the alcohol/vinegar and clean with a cotton swab moistened with this alcohol/vinegar. Do not bother too much with cleaning the membrane, which cleans itself as it vibrates. Rinse with lukewarm water, and wipe a little, without going to the bottom of the tank.

If your diffuser is covered in limescale, use vinegar. Heat the vinegar to 40-50°C and place in the reservoir. Do not switch on the appliance, but leave it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes; remove the liquid and perform a conventional cleaning operation.

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