Prickly Pear Organic Vegetable Oil, 5ml

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Packed with Vitamin F, Omega 6 and 9, sterols, and a generous amount of Vitamin E, prickly pear oil stands out as a powerhouse in the realm of natural skincare. Celebrated for its remarkable abilities to regenerate, replenish, and defend against the ravages of time, this oil is a treasure trove for anyone seeking to combat skin aging.

As an exceptional emollient, it gently softens and shields skin from drying out, all while enhancing firmness and tone. Its non-greasy, fast-absorbing nature ensures a silky, smooth finish. Beyond its moisturizing prowess, prickly pear oil is lauded for its potent antioxidant and anti-aging properties, with a rich Omega 6 content that supports the skin's natural healing process. It is the quintessential choice for nurturing mature, thirsty, and damaged skin back to its radiant, youthful state!

More information

Botanical name: Opuntia ficus indica

Plant part: Prickly pear pips/seeds

Obtaining process: First cold mechanical pressing of
Prickly Pear pips/seeds

Origin of the plant: Morocco

Usage tips

Uses: Cosmetic
Mixed with essential oils, other vegetable oils or oily active ingredients

As the fatty phase of an emulsion (cream)
- Anti-free radical & extraordinary anti-aging
- Firming, toning
- Nourishing
- Regenerating
- Repairing (streaked skin, skin marks, cracked skin)
- Softening, emollient
- Protective
- Anti-dehydrating

Examples of use:
- Anti-aging care for mature skin
- Anti-aging serums around the eyes and lips (fine lines and wrinkles)
- Zebra skin preventive care
- Restorative care (skin marks, cracked skin)
- Dry, dehydrated, rough skin

Precautions for use

Always test your preparation in the elbow crease 24 hours before use.
Consult a specialist for any other indications.


Quality: Virgin oil, 100% pure and natural, first cold pressed, without any chemical treatment.

Cultivation: Organic. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin, 100% of which come from organic farming.
Controlled by Bureau Veritas according to the Cosmos Standard reference available on the website

Appearance: Liquid

Color: Yellow to yellow-green

Odor: Characteristic, vegetal and slightly spicy.

Dissipates very quickly after application.

Density: 0.92

Saponification index: 180 - 195 mg KOH/g

Oxidative potential: Slightly sensitive to oxidation. Ideally keep cool and store with the cap closed, away from air, heat and light.


Certified Cosmebio France (Cosmos Organic)
- 100% natural product
- Cosmetic quality
- Not tested on animals
- Raw materials compliant with respect for the environment
- Without material from petrochemicals
- We favor small producers, artisans and fair trade

A Little History

Prickly pear vegetable oil (not to be confused with prickly pear macerate, much less concentrated in active ingredients), is a rare and precious vegetable oil. Also called "Hindi fig", the prickly pear is native to Latin America, but it also grows all around the Mediterranean basin. This fruit cactus produces very juicy and fragrant figs with incredible cosmetic properties.

Used for centuries by Berber women to protect their skin from the sun and wind, it turns out to be the vegetable oil par excellence for mature, dehydrated and damaged skin. Its rarity and price can be explained by the fact that it takes approximately 1 ton of fruit to obtain 1 liter of oil. It is all the more precious because its harvest is difficult: these cacti grow in semi-arid zones, very densely, which makes picking the fruits very tedious if you want to avoid thorns. The seeds are then separated from the pulp to be dried and pressed to finally obtain prickly pear oil.

Packaging & storage

Store in a cool place, protected from air and light.
Shelf life (DLUO): 12 months after opening
Packaging: recyclable and reusable amber glass bottles (5 ml)
Paper label from sustainably managed forests (FSC)



Prickly Pear for Facial Care

  • Hydration & Anti-aging: After cleansing, apply a few drops of prickly pear oil to your face and neck. Its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content deeply moisturize the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Brightening: Use prickly pear oil regularly to brighten your complexion and reduce dark spots. Its Vitamin K content is excellent for evening out skin tone.
  • Mix with Other Products: Add a few drops of prickly pear oil to your regular moisturizer, serum, or foundation for an extra hydration boost.

  • Nail Care: Rub a drop of oil into your cuticles to strengthen nails and moisturize the surrounding skin, promoting healthy nail growth.
Prickly Pear Organic Vegetable Oil, 5ml - Elliotti

For Hair Care

  • Conditioning: Warm a few drops between your palms and apply to the ends of damp hair to seal in moisture, or use it as an overnight treatment for intense hydration. It can help make your hair shinier and more manageable.

  • Scalp Treatment: Massage directly into the scalp to soothe dryness or irritation. Its moisturizing properties can promote a healthy scalp, potentially enhancing hair growth and quality.
Prickly Pear Organic Vegetable Oil, 5ml - Elliotti

Prickly Pear Oil is a versatile and potent natural product. Its luxurious feel and deep moisturizing properties make it suitable for a wide range of beauty and skincare applications. Remember, a little goes a long way due to its high concentration of beneficial nutrients.

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Prickly Pear Organic Vegetable Oil, 5ml