Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil, 10ml

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Tea Tree Oil - Nature's Powerful Cleanser

Discover the natural benefits of Tea Tree Oil, a versatile essential oil derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Renowned for its purifying properties, Tea Tree Oil is a must-have in your holistic wellness routine.

Key Features:

  • 100% Pure and Natural: Sourced from the finest Melaleuca alternifolia plants, our Tea Tree Oil is free from additives, ensuring you receive the highest quality product.
  • Aromatic Bliss: With its fresh, invigorating scent, Tea Tree Oil is perfect for diffusing, creating an uplifting and cleansing atmosphere in your home or workspace.
  • Skin Care Essential: Known for its clarifying properties, Tea Tree Oil can be diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin, making it a popular choice for natural skin care routines.
  • Household Freshness: Incorporate Tea Tree Oil into your cleaning regimen for a naturally fresh and clean home environment. Just a few drops in your cleaning solutions can make a significant difference.


  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Conduct a patch test before using on the skin to check for any sensitivity.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    More information

    INCI name: Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil

    Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia

    Distilled part of the plant: Leaves

    Production process: Steam training

    Origin of the plant: South Africa

    • Anthelmintic - destroys parasites, worms
    • Antibacterial - kills bacterial growth or prevents bacteria from growing
    • Antifungal - prevents or kills fungus growth
    • Antiseptic - prevents or combats bacterial infection
    • Antiviral - kills or inhibits the growth of viruses
    • Decongestant - used to relieve stuffy nose
    • Expectorant - promotes the removal of mucus from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea
    • Immunostimulant - stimulates and strengthens the immune system
    • Insect repellent
    • Stimulant - increases alertness of the mind, and boosts energy. Raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body
    • Vulnerary - helps wounds to heal
    Usage tips

    Disinfect your home
    Use Tea Tree oil in a diffuser when you have a cold or flu, helps disinfect the air and prevents you from infecting others who come to your home. Diffuse 5-10 drops in a diffuser.

    Cleanse your home
    You can use tea tree oil to disinfect surfaces in your house and to disinfect your hands. Fill a 500ml spray bottle with water and add 20 drops of tea tree.

    Athlete's foot
    With tea tree's strong antifungal properties, make it a perfect oil when it comes to athlete's foot. Mix 8 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, and massage on the feet and in between the toes. Repeat twice a day.

    Bacterial infection
    Mix 5 drops of tea tree in 1 teaspoon (5ml) carrier oil, and massage into the soles of the feet. Or mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for specific bacterial skin disorders, and massage on the area of concern twice daily.

    Head lice
    Mix 15 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon (15ml) of carrier oil, and massage into the scalp. Leave in for 30 minutes. Or you can add 10 drops to 240 ml of shampoo and thoroughly wash the hair. Repeat 2-3 times a week until symptoms subside.

    Insect repellent
    Put 15 drops of tea tree oil in a 300ml spray bottle filled with water. Shake well and spray on your ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and lower back.

    Insect bites & stings
    To relieve itching, stinging, and inflammation, mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, and apply to the bite 3-4 times a day.

    Nail fungus
    Apply 1-2 drops of the tea tree oil on the nail, and leave to absorb into the skin. Repeat daily. Tea tree is a strong fungicidal, so it helps clear any fungal infection on the nail.

    Mix 6 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of cooled aloe vera gel, and gently massage on the affected area. This will soothe any stinging or itching from sunburn.
    You can also make a cold compress; add water to a bowl and put 4 drops in the water. Put a cloth in the water and swish around, wring out water, and put on the sunburned area.

    Disinfect your toothbrush
    Put 1 drop of tea tree to the head of the toothbrush once a week.

    Apply 2 drops of tea tree oil directly over the tick and wait for 2 minutes. It will minimize any infection and loosen the tick, making it easier to remove.

    Use: Food flavoring (FEMA n°: 3902 / CoE n°: 275n)
    Food dosage: 1 drop in a dish for 5 people (never exceed 2%)

    Always use essential oil diluted in a suitable medium (example: vegetable oil, honey, etc.)

    Soluble in alcohol, fatty substances (vegetable oils and butters) and emulsions (creams).

    Insoluble in water. It is however possible to use it as a mixture in these types of products but pre-mixed with Solubol (in this case you must add 4 times more solubol than essential oil).


    If this oil or blend is safe to Diffuse, it will be checked for Dog, Cat, or both underneath::


    Quality: 100% pure and natural essential oil. Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil (HEBBD), chemotyped (HECT)

    Culture: Product from organic farming, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification France, FR-BIO-10

    Appearance: Clear liquid

    Color: Colorless to pale yellow

    Odor: Characteristic, aromatic, woody, terpenic

    Density: 0.885 - 0.906

    Flash point: 56°C


    AB France certified

    100% natural product

    Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil (HEBBD), chemotyped (HECT)

    Not tested on animals

    Raw materials compliant with respect for the environment

    Without material from petrochemicals

    Propos Nature favor small producers, artisans and fair trade


    Main components:
    Terpinene-4-ol: between 30 and 48%
    g-terpinene: between 10 and 28%
    a-terpinene: between 5 and 13%
    Cinéol: between 0 and 15%
    Para-cymene: between 0.5 and 12%
    Allergens : Limonene, linalool

    The natural origin of the essential oil does not make it possible to obtain an identical composition for each production. Composition and allergens on request.

    Health issues
    • Fungal infections
    Skin & hair issues
    • Abscesses
    • Acne
    • Athlete's foot
    • Infections
    • Insect bites & stings
    • Insect repellents
    • Lice
    • Pimples
    • Sunburned skin
    • Wounds & ulcers
    • Warts
    Respiratory issues
    • Colds & Flu
    • Sinusitis
    Skin type
    • Blemished skin
    Blends well with

    lemon, lemon eucalyptus , juniper, geranium, cinnamon, cloves, lavender, clary sage, myrrh, rosemary and pine needles.

    Precautions for use

    May cause irritation on sensitive skins. Do a patch test to be sure.

    Always use the essential oil diluted in a vegetable oil or in another suitable medium.

    Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, in children under 3 years old, nor in people with asthma or allergies to any of its components.

    Consult a specialist for any other indications.

    Packaging & storage

    Store away from air, heat and light
    Shelf life: 24 months after opening
    Packaging: Amber glass bottle with dropper cap


    10 ml

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